"...and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” –Anais Nin


Here’s what I believe: Your emotionality is one of your greatest resources. When we can understand our emotions as Information, not instructions, we have access to all of the rich insights they provide to us about ourselves and the world around us. This is information such as how we might want to proceed in a challenging situation, where our boundaries lie, what we want and what we value. Learning to uncover and work with our feelings, which I refer to as developing Emotional Fluency, means that we gain access to a rich, new understanding of how we tick and how to care for ourselves in a way that best supports us in living lives that are as full and vibrant as possible, while minimizing the impact of stress, anxiety and other taxing experiences. This means we get to be in deeper, fuller relationships with ourselves and others, and show up for our lives in more creative, confident, engaged and motivated ways.


This work is “Holistic” because we’ll take into consideration the balance of many different aspects of your life in the quest for health. This includes how you move and nourish yourself, what your relationships and community are like, your creative and spiritual practices, and an exploration of your daily rituals, habits and practices. Wellness isn’t about doing a lot of one thing- it’s about finding equilibrium across many elements. How we feel emotionally is directly related to this equilibrium, in addition to developing the capacity and resiliency needed to skillfully navigate our feeling states, and wisely care for ourselves in times of discomfort, stress or chaos.


My hope is to bring curiosity, stability, warmth and playfulness to this collaborative process, and I trust that the nature of the soul is to move towards wholeness.


“What you seek is seeking you.” ― Rumi

With a BA in Psychology & Women's Studies and an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology, I confidently support clients in navigating life transitions with authenticity, grace and vitality. My therapeutic work weaves together Western psychological theory with Eastern traditions of spirituality, infusing sessions with practices to assist you in developing self compassion, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and body awareness. With the ultimate goal of facilitating a return to balance and alignment, I partner with you to pattern new, healthier ways of moving through the world and being in relationship with self and others. Additionally, I co-founded the SF based holistic group practice HAVN Collective, a wellness community for the curious and courageous.

Specialties include anxiety, women in transitional life phases, men experiencing intimacy/relational issues, new and expectant parents, co-dependent relationships and alcoholic family systems. Individuals and couples of all ages, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and sexual/gender identities are welcomed.

Let's Get Curious

Therapy that integrates the science, art & mysticism of personal growth and well-being. 


Interested in working together, consulting with me, or have further inquires about my practice or approach?

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Kathleen Dahlen MA, LMFT provides integral counseling in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. She specializes in working with women in the midst of transitional life phases, co-dependance, anxiety and alcoholic family systems. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #97659 in the state of California, serving clients locally in the Bay Area and online for international clients and clients residing elsewhere in California.